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Just wanted to let you know that we have been testing your advice for a couple of days and made a nearly $200 sale on a $5.00 spend, about half of that is profit.

Sweet- You gotta be open to learning new stuff

Gregg Hall

From Chad Kimball

Did you know that has as much traffic as YAHOO?
(66 Million Visitors Per Month)

Imagine 66,000,000 visitors coming to your website or affiliate link from MySpace.

Imagine how much more relaxed and happy you will feel once this flood of visitors starts sending you money! Go on vacation with the money and send me a postcard!
(My address is PO Box 9585 Chicago, IL 60609

You've tried bum marketing, google cash, articles, ebay and not made it work. But you are in for a surprise when you see how straightforward MySpace PPC is after you learn my techniques.

Up until now it has been difficult to get useful, converting traffic from myspace because you had to use all sorts of "friend adder" applications, spammy scripts, and blackhat techniques.

But now, Myspace has opened up an easy way to get FLOODS of visitors from their site.

They have opened up a new system that reveals intensly personal information from their users, and allows marketers like you and me to use that information to make HUGE profits.

As you read the rest of this page I'm going to tell you about this system.

But first, let me tell you, I've been using it personally and...

Getting Myspace visitors to convert is like getting my 3 year old to eat candy (EASY)

That is, as long as you are using my methods. (others have lost a lot of money using "untested" methods)

(my last myspace ppc campaign converted at 20% for a newsletter I run in one of my niches)

MySpace PPC Better Than Adwords??

There is a unique twist on Myspace PPC that makes it a lot easier to make CASH.

They use a new system called "demographic pay per click." You can basically choose your market by age, interests, books they read, gender, where they live, and more!

No more guessing at who your market is using complicated keyword analysis. You don't have to puzzle over what keywords your target market is using in the search engines.

With MySpace PPC, your customers are easy to reach by clicking a few buttons:

Do you want to advertise to people who are interested in body building?

(myspace even tells you how many users will see your ad)

Do you have a popular ebook on choosing a tattoo?

How about a product or affiliate program targeting World of Warcraft fanatics?

But There Are 2 Urgent Problems...

I could go on and on with possibilities of markets that are ripe for picking on Myspace. It is SO EASY to target your market, even a total newbie could make money with this.

At this point MySpace is approving almost EVERY ad, no matter how crazy it is, or what sort of product you are promoting. If your google adwords account has been slapped, you don't have to worry about that happening on Myspace!

Clicks are very cheap in markets like "weight loss" or "biz opp." In google adwords you would pay $5-$10/click for keywords in these markets.

You are probably thinking, so what is the problem?

Problem 1: There are some insider secrets necessary to get this system to work. It is nothing like google adwords. You could easily lose tons of money on it if you do it wrong.

And MySpace isn't giving out their secrets to users. Their help file isn't very helpful. It certainly won't give you the tricks you need to really rake in the cash.

My video course will tell you what you need to know. You can profit wildly from this new traffic windfall.

Problem 2: This probably will not last long. Now is the time to jump on MySpace per click and lock in your position.

The folks that jumped in early on google adwords, SEO, email marketing, etc.. made very easy money because they were willing to move fast.


Here are just a few of the things my Myspace PPC Video Course will teach you:

  • Why Myspace ads are completely different from Adwords ads, and how to create an ad that will pull in money like crazy.
  • A common mistake that people make with demographic pay per click that dumps their advertising budget into wasted clicks, with horrible returns: I show you how to avoid this mistake and increase your profits!
  • A secret "hack" that non-U.S. advertisers must make to get their account approved (completely legal)
  • How to predict if your market will respond to Myspace Advertising
  • How to profit from Myspace even if you don't have a product of your own.
  • Why you can't link directly to an affiliate link, and a quick hack to get around it (approved by myspace)
  • A strategy unknown to most advertisers for discovering groups of people that would be interested in your product or affiliate promotion. Adwords advertisers will have to change the way they think about advertising after this one!
  • How to sub-divide your market for maximum profits.
  • Bidding strategies (don't let myspace steal your shirt) that are different from adwords.
  • A mistake that many advertisers make early in their campaign that causes them to lose a lot of money.
  • Where to get professional grade, free software that you can use to create ads that will beat your competitors easily.
  • How to literally advertise to your next door neighbor, and why that makes Myspace PPC so profitable.
  • Watch me analyze various offers and describe why they will or will NOT work on Myspace PPC.


Learn MySpace PPC secrets now,
before it becomes as competitive
as SEO and Adwords.

Right now it is EASY, and most of the big players still haven't figured out the secrets of MySpace.

I've personally read comments from a lot of people who tried MySpacePPC and gave up because they couldn't figure out how to make it work.

However, there are a few who have figured it out. This handful of marketers have been quietly grinning as the $$ pours in from MySpace PPC, while everyone else ignores MySpace traffic.

Go ahead and do a search on the web, you cannot find any of these marketers creating courses sharing their secrets. The most you'll find are a few blog posts mentioning briefly that they made $2,000 on a $1,000 investment on Myspace PPC... with very sparse explanation.

Well, I'm going to show you how to do it.

I'm going to show you how to cash in on MySpace traffic NOW.

I've put together a series of videos that show you, step by step, how to do it.

You may be thinking... if this is such a great secret, why are you going to tell the me about it?

Because, the reality is, MySpace Gets Over 66 Million Visitors Per Month. That is more than enough traffic to go around, don't you think?

The days of easy SEO and PPC
traffic are over, but MySpace PPC is currently a new windfall, if you are willing to jump in early and profit!


I just finished all of the videos. Once again, outstanding info.

Brett Shelite

customers of previous products:

OMG light bulbs started going off in my head
on what you have shown me!


What can I say... I watched the first video and OMG light bulbs started going off in my head on what you have shown me!

Please stop selling this information soon... only kidding

If anyone is looking for some unique ideas ... then you should get Chad's product - after only seeing the first video I think I just struck a possible goldmine of information!

Thanks Chad... this is the best I've bought this year.

Ted K

The short version of my comments is BUY IT!

When I saw the first video my first thoughts were "It's a good idea but I'm not sure I can use it". Then I thought about it. Then I thought about it a bit more and I am now convinced that it would work for pretty much anyone in IM [Internet Marketing].

If you have an existing business you want to promote I think it's particularly brilliant.

I've not watched the other videos in detail but there are many ideas that I'm keen to put into practice.

And Chad is a great guy. He has responded graciously to my queries and you can tell that he knows what he's talking about.

Highly recommended.

Andrew Davidson
Posted - 07/26/2008

Nice course.

Stuff I've never seen before and I've read a lot about youtube.

Dan Ellenwood
Youtube Marketing Viral Marketing Youtube

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I realize I'm going out on a huge limb here. And yes, there are probably people out there who will take advantage of me and use this generous offer as a way to just get my MySpace PPC Cash Course for free.

But that's a risk I'm willing to take because I KNOW these MySpace PPC Secrets will change your life.

And I trust you. Your word is gold here.

However, there is a catch. The truth is, I've never offered this MySpace PPC Cash Training Kit on a trial basis like this. And because I'm a little new at it, I don't know how long I'll keep offering this.

Frankly, I'm a little worried that too many people will take the trial that I'll be overwhelmed with orders and unable to provide the high level of personalized service my customers deserve. If this happens, the price will go back to normal while I watch the dust settle.

So I'm only making this available for a little while. In fact, I might even take the offer down BEFORE midnight tomorrow if I get too many "takers".

So if you're serious about getting instant traffic and quick cash from MySpace, click the link below and take my risk free trial today.

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customers of previous products:

Will Implement IMMEDIATELY!


Just wanted to leave a testimonial. I just purchased this

at 1:00am (July 15) my time - viewed ALL the videos in one sitting.

This is VERY INFORMATIVE and I definitely learned quite few things I did not know - will implement IMMEDIATELY!

I don't usually comment , but had to give this it's "Due Diligence".

If you are on the fence about purchasing (in my humble opinion) - YOU WON'T BE SORRY.

Looking forward to your next


Posted - 07/15/2008


One Hell of a Good Idea for YouTube Marketing!

This is one hell of a good idea for youtube marketing. I use youtube a lot to drive traffic and I can see how this can work very well. Great!

by tjk1058

Posted - 07/16/2008

Click Here To Watch The MySpace PPC Cash Videos for $4.95


Simple Yet Amazingly Very Profitable

Hi Chad...
Your method in the video is simple and yet amazingly very profitable. I dont see any reason we got failed with this method. I cant wait to see your next video..

Posted - 07/17/2008


Something I Could Implement Right Away

Hi Chad,

Just finished watching Video 1. Excellent style of delivery and video quality. Above all, the information you presented on Video 1 is new to me and something I could implement right away. I can't wait to see the rest as I'm sure more valuable information to come.


Posted - 07/19/2008

Click Here To Watch The MySpace PPC Cash Videos for $4.95


Amazing Stuff!
Very Very Good Outside The Box Thinking!

Hey Chad, i just got yoru course,

i just finished watching video 1 and what i have seen so far is amazing stuff man.

Very Very good outside the box thinking, i totally have to give it to you there.

Im looking forward to watching the rest of the videos now!


Jani G

Posted - 07/23/2008

taylor21 posted 07/11/2008
Good stuff, the videos played fine for me on Firefox.

Guys, the income proof isn't the important thing here, this is about generating traffic easily.

Think of your best producing site, how much do you make per visitor? 10 cents with adsense or $10 with a squeeze page, auto-responder and massive up sells? Now times that by 50 to 10,000+ more visitors per month, that's your income target.

Everything is clear, this is very do-able.

Click Here To Watch The MySpace PPC Cash Videos for $4.95

This is awesome, as for as my concern this is the best I ever purchased.

Posted - 07/22/2008




Click Here To Watch The MySpace PPC Cash Videos for $4.95

MySpace traffic comes Instantly with these Techniques

So You could easily pay for the cost of the videos before 7 days is up.