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From Chad Kimball
Chicago, IL

Dear Internet Marketer,

Can you imagine how much money you would make if 12,000 visitors per day started visiting your website or affiliate link? I'm talking about 12K per DAY (not per month).

There are keywords out there with so much traffic, you only have to rank for ONE keyword and you are set for life. One keyword could get you freedom, unlimited vacations, days spent with your family and friends, a bigger house, debt free living, working just a few hours per week or less.

Now you can get this kind of traffic through a new loophole:

A year or so ago, google started displaying "google maps" results on the first page, in their regular search results.

They call this "the 10 box" because google started listing 10 local businesses right there on the first page.

Maps Listings of Tiny Businesses
Are Knocking Major Players Off The First Page!

Screenshot of "dog training" (12,200 searches per DAY)
With google maps listings on first page

It Was Impossible To Rank For A Keyword Like
"Dog Training"
Unless You Had a Million Dollar SEO Budget

Now, My Free Software Will Get Your
Site Listed in Google Maps
For Free
and Topple The Big Players!


Seven Listings Overnight!

I was able to get into 7 - 10 boxes overnight. That includes several that had 10 listings before I did the set up.

I have a niche law practice.

David Fitch
18660 Clifton Road
Anoka, MN 55303-9530


I Managed to Get Results In A Matter Of Minutes, No Joke!

Chad, I haven’t been this excited about a product launch in a long time!

I managed to get results where there were no 1 or 10 boxes in a matter of minutes, no joke!

I hope people realise the power of this.

Oh and please everybody, use this for good things, don’t spam or misuse this, there is opertunity for everyone for a long time but only if people don’t abuse it.

Good karma gets good karma…

Nick Platten
28 Shott Lane,
Letchworth Garden City
Hertfordshire, SG6 1SE
+44(0)1462 678 310


Showed Up Right Away
In 3 of the 5 Keywords I Picked!

Wow that’s powerful!

Thanks for the clear explanation. The site showed up right away in three of the five keywords I picked. I used the principles in your video, dug up and manually tried some phrases, followed Seth’s direction, and zowie. Well, I’m looking forward to the course Chad, so I can learn how to bump that 1-box dude off his perch for a keyword I want. :)

Claire Muzal.
633 West Springwood
Seneca, SC  29672


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